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Today’s topic is utilising your interview as an opportunity to uncover and counter any objections an employer may have about you. How can you improve your approach to an interview to leave an employer convinced that you are the right candidate to hire?


In an interview you are aiming to help the interviewer discover why you are the ideal candidate for the IT job vacancy. Whilst it is key that you prove yourself by highlighting your skills and experience that make you a great hire, have you thought about your interview also being an opportunity to counter any potential concerns an employer has about your suitability?


We propose that you should make the most of the opportunity of sitting face to face with the decision maker so that you can leave the interview feeling that you have showcased your skills and experience, and also eradicated any doubts or misconceptions that the interviewer had about you.




How do you approach uncovering objections within an interview?

As Leon discusses in the film, within your interview you can either be indircet when uncovering an employer’s potential objections to hiring you, or you can be direct. We think it is important to style your approach based on how the tone of the interview has gone and how confident and comfortable you feel. 


An indirect approach to uncover objections would be to ask a question such as  “ Can you see me fitting into your existing team?”. This invites the interviewer to voice their honest opinion on whether they envision you as part of the team and to raise concerns. This soft approach of questioning “fitting in” is in reality a way of revealing if they see you becoming an employee and their answer enable you to smash and counter any concerns they may have as to your suitability.


A more direct approach would be to directly ask “Do you have any objections about me?”. This is a straightforward way of cutting the sweet talk and getting down to the nitty gritty of their intentions. Behind the smiles and niceties do they have any underlying concerns about your suitability for the position? If you are fearless enough to approach uncovering objections in this way, and it feels appropriate amongst the tone of the interview, this can present you as an assertive candidate. 


Tackle employer concerns by uncovering objections at your interview.


As you are inviting the employer to voice objections to your hiring, you have to be mentally prepared to hear potential obstacles to you winning the role. Whatever is presented to you, keeping calm, staying confident and having an open mind will be hugely beneficial to your response and countering. Perhaps to help you answer in an effective way you could do some practice tacking of objections as part of your interview preparation. It might be a good task to envision 3 potential objections that an employee might raise, and consider your answer for each.


So make sure you uncover objections at your next interview and reap the benefits of removing an potential objections an employer has about hiring you. 


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