Have you ever wondered how the mind of a specialist IT recruiter works? When searching for the best candidates, IT recruiters have a stack of thoughts going on behind the scenes.

Being experienced in the recruitment game, we can tell you exactly what you can do to get matched with your ideal job. Here are the top tips for impressing your next recruiter with your CV, from the specialist IT recruitment pros at Speech Inspired.

Let's start with the first impressions…

Whether you need to perfect your current CV or create a brand new one, the first thing you need to take into account is how you are presenting yourself in your CV at a first glance. You may have heard it from your teachers, parents, peers, but let it come from your specialist IT recruiters to really hit home.

The age old saying that first impressions are key is even more important in the job hunting process. It is more than likely that your interviewers will always be looking at your CV before they meet you in person, so no matter how well you can charm your way into a job, first comes the step of impressing them with your CV!

All you need is a neat and concise structure to begin with. Make sure that the font is not too big or small, the recommended size is 12, and using a readable font. These steps will ensure that your CV looks professional, enticing your interviewer to read on. It is especially important to have a presentable CV for an IT job.

There are many ways in which you can get your CV content to gauge the interest of the interviewer. As specialist It recruiters, we recommend these specific tips:

The importance of your personal statement

Your personal statement is the first thing that your recruiter will read. For any IT job, you will need to make sure that you market yourself well in the first few lines. This is close to what we call an elevator pitch, how do you market yourself as a desirable candidate in a short space of time?

You can do this through making your personal statement short and effective. Whilst waffling on about all of your experience can be good when asked, this is a short and snappy line that will help recruiters figure out what you’re all about.

You can also do this through making your personal statement relevant to the specific job role. Which you can do by using the right keywords, which we go into more detail below.

Use keywords to bump up your CV

Adding buzz words to your CV is simple, however, it can be easily overdone. For an IT job, using keywords is important to let your interviewer get a glimpse into your skillset and how suited you are to the role.

Placement for keywords can be tricky. We advise that you have them throughout the page At times, recruiters get copious amounts of CVs to read, which means that your CV is likely to be skimmed through. Specialist IT recruitment agencies are always looking for a specific candidate with the right skills and attributes, thus, if you make sure you make a strong impression with the right keywords, you will be considered for the next stage.

Finding the right keywords is very important. Keywords will change depending on the field or on the particular job. Applying for an IT job will have wildly different keywords than any other field. The best way to find them is to look at the job description. Is there a particular software or programme that you need to know? Or rather, look at the skills and personality traits that they are looking for. These are the keywords to add to your IT job application.

Tailor your content

As a specialist recruitment agency we can tell exactly when we see a CV that is just a duplicate, being sent around without having put thought into the particular role. IT recruiters catch on quickly, and so can employers.

There is no harm in having an outline which you tailor individually for each role. As tedious as this may seem, specialist IT recruiters will know and appreciate the difference. Making you all that more suitable for the role.

This is where you can add your keywords in, to make sure that your recruiters are aware that you have taken the time to see whether the role is a good fit for you.

Making sure that you bring in all of these tips together will ensure that you have a strong CV for your recruiters to bring you onto the next stage. Additionally, regularly updating your CV and tailoring the content will ensure that your recruiters are able to place you in a role that suits you.

As an experienced specialist IT recruitment company, Speech Inspired has the best tips into getting you the top jobs, whether you need a bit more advice or whether you are ready to apply to your dream job.