What digital skills are your future employers looking for?


Employer demands for digital skills have increased with the involvement and use of technology in almost every sector. As traditional IT, sales and marketing recruiters, we have found that the standard set of skills such as problem-solving and time management have become a normal requirement, meaning that nowadays interviewers are on the lookout for digital skills.

It is necessary to understand the digital world for personal and professional use, just as it is important to communicate these skills to your interviewer and potential employers, whether through your CV or during an interview.

What are digital skills?

Digital skills are a set of capabilities referring to your proficiency and knowledge of technology and the web. These skills have become more important as the use of technology is increasingly implemented into different aspects of business, from digital marketing, digital operations, digital storage etc.

What digital skills do I need on my CV

Your CV is the first impression employers get of you as a candidate. It needs to be fully equipped with traditional skills, as well as introduce your digital knowledge, this will boost your resume and make you stand out amongst the crowd. Depending on the sector, the digital skills for your CV may differ but there are generic ones which will be useful to include, such as:

  • Office suites - Microsoft or G suite.
  • Spreadsheets
  • Email management
  • Communication tools - Skype, Slack, etc.

Digital skills to put on your CV for an IT application:

  • Coding languages - jQuery, Angular, Code Igniter, PHP/JavaScript and MySQL, etc.
  • Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Database Knowledge

Digital skills to put on your CV for a marketing application:

  • Social media - specifically paid campaign applications
  • Design software - Adobe Suite, Affinity Design etc.
  • Google Analytics
  • Website tools - WordPress, CMS Desk

Digital skills to put on your CV for a sales application:

  • Online research
  • Presentation software
  • Data entry

Need more help with your CV?

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