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The Bridge between Education and Employment

Speech Inspired has been founded to help young people between the ages of 14-18, become more aware of the world of work and business. We do this by focusing our young people on various classroom-based courses. These classroom courses are complimented by our work-based placements, where we work closely with our links and networks of employers and small business owners to provide our students with a variety of work-based placements in many fields and sectors.

If you are an educational establishment in London and surrounding areas and would like to arrange a consultation to see how we can customise our services to your student’s needs, please get in touch.

If you are an educational establishment in London and surrounding areas and would like to arrange a consultation to see how we can tailor our services to your student’s needs, please get in touch.


Services we offer are:

  • Interview trials
  • Employability training
  • Work Experience
  • Business coaches
  • Public motivational speakers

Our aims

It is a recognised challenge in many communities to keep young people engaged and willing to learn once they have completed school age education. We know how great an impact school has on many young people, as it is where they create many of their core skills and passions as well as personalities and social groups. Our aim is to be the link in connecting young people between education, work and entrepreneurism. We aim to enlighten young people to challenge the way they view life and teach them that with inspiration, drive and passion they can evolve into true leaders of the future!

Speech Inspired aim to do this by:

  • Researching future market and industry trends to identify where the best business and employment opportunities are for the coming decades.
  • Identifying what academic qualifications and skill sets will be required for young people to develop into the future markets and industries and offering training in those areas.
  • Providing coaching, mentoring and employability training, to enable young people to access employment and/or further training or education to help them succeed
  • Working with schools and colleges to enhance the aspirations and improve the employment and business opportunities of young people.
  • Bridging the gap between employers and young people and providing on-going support in their development by offering careers advice a long their journey.

Guiding the Countries Future Leaders

There is a massive influx of innovative, brave and creative young people. We aim to enhance their existing skills and teach them a wider range of skills they may not have yet developed such as interpersonal, business and even commercial skills of the future. We believe that by having wider knowledge whether it be historical, educational or business wise, a young person would be more prepared for the world of work thus may feel more empowered and confident to succeed in their career.

Mentoring at Work

At Speech Inspired Employment we believe that the workplace is not only what we do to earn a living, but it is an environment buzzing with knowledge and skills. Our Apprenticeships and job placements enables young people to receive an invaluable mentoring experience.

We acknowledge that we are all individuals and that each of our young people have different personalities and mindsets. Because of this; at Speech Inspired we work closely with our students to tailor make career development plans. We believe that through taking the time to understand what drives and demotivates an individual we are better able to place them within a workplace environment which best suits their needs. We do however create realistic goal plans which is coherent to their end goal but focus on the ideology that you sometimes need to work from the bottom up and that by gaining skills, and working in certain roles, all act as stepping stones to their dream destination.

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