Embarking on a sales career

Have you decided to embark on a career in sales? Well done! Sales is one of the highest rated and rewarding jobs that you can have, and for the natural born salespeople out there, it is definitely the most natural way to make a living.

One of the trickiest sides of sales may be actually getting into sales. Just like any sector, sales jobs require knowledge, patience, and a lot of practise. There are ways in which you can become a great salesperson, but how can you become an effective salesperson from day 1? We’ve got the tips, skills and advice to make sure that this effectiveness is achieved, and you can land your sales job, and smash it!

So firstly, what are the qualities that are often found in a salesperson?

  • Good listener - Listening to the needs of your customer will allow you to identify exactly what they need, and as a good salesperson, you will offer the solution.
  • Empathy - You will need to gauge the way your customers feel and ensure that you act accordingly.
  • Thick skin - Of course, sales is a rewarding job, but it also means the chase and rejection is even greater than some other jobs out there. Your sales job will consist of a lot of people telling you “no”, in all kinds of different ways. But having thick skin is key in persevering.
  • Confidence - Salespeople are more often than not, extroverted. A good salesperson can make those around them, and their customers, feel as if they understand and know what they are talking about. It is key in selling not only your product or service, but also yourself.
  • Caring - Caring about getting a sale is one thing, but caring about your customers and prospects on a deeper level will really allow you to find your ground in a sales career. After all, no one will want to do business with a salesperson that doesn’t actually care about their interests.

There are some, but definitely not all the qualities of a good salesperson, and if you don’t possess any of these qualities, they definitely can be learnt in the right settings to go into a successful sales career.

There are particular industries that have seen the world’s best salespeople thrive, in which there is a lot of opportunity. These include software and technology sales, healthcare sales, and financial services sales. But despite the specific industry, the process of selling, and the process of a sale, are essentially the same throughout all of them.

What is the process of a sale?

The process and time of a sale will be dependant on the industry as well as what you are selling. So sales deal can take up to months of discussion time between the salesperson and a prospect, as some things require more raport and time to consider the offer. But the process of the sales follows the same structure generally throughout each sector.

  • Step 1 - Prospecting. Prospecting involves skills such as research, preparation and if done correctly, it will ensure the success of the further.
  • Step 2 - Preparation. Preparation is key, making sure that you have all of your product knowledge perfected, as well as well researched information of your prospects.
  • Step 3 - Approach. The approach of a sales process is your first point of contact with a prospective customer, whether it is by phone call, email, or face to face. This will require personable skills as well as knowing your prospect, thus the research coming into place.
  • Step 4 - Presentation. Your pitch is one of the things that will be the beginning of the challenge. Because people don’t want to give salespeople their money, unless they are genuinely in need of that product or service. The pitch is how you find out and ensure your customer how your offer can solve a problem they are having, or didn’t know they had.
  • Step 5 - Handling objections. Objection handling is an essential part of a salesperson’s job. After a lot of real life practise as a salesperson, getting around objections will get easier. But there will always be new objections to handle! This is where research, quick thinking and thick skin will come into place.
  • Step 6 - Closing. The close is the most essential part of the sales process, as this is when you determine whether your sale will happen or not. One of the best methods of closing a sale is to simply either ask for the sale, or use language to imply that the sale is going ahead.

Embarking on a sales career will make sure you learn certain skills that no other jobs bring, and every process of learning and working will allow you develop yourself as a professional and at a personal level. Make sure that you know how to be an effective salesperson from the moment you start, and ensure you absorb as much as you can to become the best.

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