IT Recruiter tips for taking on a new workplace

Speech Inspired as IT recruiters, know how to find the best and most suitable employers for our clients. But even with the best training, preparation, and guidance, the process of change may be a daunting process for many.

For some people, the process of change may bring different experiences. Some may struggle with new beginnings and changing environments, whilst others may embrace it fully. Whichever type of candidate you may be, it is important to realise that new opportunities welcome anxious feelings, even with those who look forward to it. So there is no need to cause extra worry for feeling a bit unprepared going into a new place or work.

Being apprehensive can have its advantages, however, being too apprehensive may cause more damage than good. It is important to know how to take on change in a way that will ensure you get the most out of your new opportunity from the very beginning, and bring you the most effective way of working in your new environment. Changes in a professional environment happen constantly. Whether big changes such as managerial, moving to a completely new job, or smaller changes such a strategy changes, or even a change of desks, you will have your way of dealing with it.

IT Recruiter tips for taking on a new workplace

There are always feelings which crop up during the big changes of going through a job change. We know that these feelings may cause some worry, but here are our top tips and reminders for taking them on.

“How long will I be the new person” - Recognise change as constant

In companies, whether they are big or small their is inevitably staff turnover- so chances are you won’t be the new person for very long. You must also remember that people are always more than welcoming to newcomers. This is the best time to get your worries and questions out of the way, so make sure that you recognise that change is constant, and you will soon feel the change of settling into the job.

“I’m not doing as well as I thought in this job” - See opportunity for learning

Learn all you can. The best time to learn on the job is the start of it, the combination of proving yourself in a new job and taking on all the information that you can, go well together. Make sure that you understand your weaknesses, and those things that you don’t know, in order to get better at them.

“I don’t really know my colleagues very well” - Make sure you get to know your team.

There are many benefits that come with opening yourself up to a new team environment - you will interact with people with different backgrounds and multiple perspectives - it may feel daunting when everything is new, but the long term benefit is invaluable. Remain open-minded - take the time to learn about your new colleagues; what their role is, how long they have been in the company - chances are you will be working alongside them or need a favour from them in the future!

Being in a new place can be overwhelming with all of the new things you may be learning. Having had some time to self reflect is vital to make sure that you are on the right track. However you feel you may be doing, it is important to make sure that it is not intervening with your day to day life outside of work, after all, it is of high importance to have a balance. Check in with yourself once in a while to ensure

Taking the time to make sure you get the best out of new experiences is one of the best ways to see how you are able to progress with change, and how you deal with change.

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