At Speech Inspired we have earned our name as one of London’s most trusted IT recruitment agencies by time and time again matching some of the UK’s top IT talent with the right IT employer.

We believe that as an IT recruiter it is our job to ensure that exciting IT candidates find positions with quality employers. We work to understand the IT skillset that a client requires from their new recruit and their aims for hiring a new employee so we can source them a candidate who fulfils, if not exceeds, their expectation.

How do we match candidates with the right IT job?

Innovative screening techniques

Our candidate screening process includes situational reasoning tests and group interviews to discover their character and critical thinking as well as test their skills. We understand that the description of an ideal IT candidate goes beyond purely their skill. You are looking for an employee that will fit into your team culture and be an all round positive addition to the workplace. We use situational reasoning to assess their communication and team working, then follow this with a series of activities which enable us to identify their core strengths and weaknesses. We have found that putting all candidates through their paces and testing all sides of their ability ensure that the best candidates reach the interview stage.

How do we assist in IT employee retention?

After-placement training and coaching

In our experience, finding the ideal IT talent is just a key starting point to a successful hire. Speech Inspired also aim to tackle employee retention as we believe our aftercare initiative can assist in alleviating the issue of retaining new hires. At no extra fee, we offer an induction support service to help your new candidates settle in. We are 100% committed to ensuring that when we allocate a candidate to a new IT job that they have the foundation of a solid induction to the company, team and job role. We’ve found that this can be greatly beneficial to both candidates and clients as can be good for team morale and workplace productivity.

Speech Inspired haven’t become a reputable IT Recruitment agency overnight. We have a huge wealth of experience in the IT sector and our knowledge is only set to extend as we continue to grow. Our passion for successfully filling IT job vacancies, whether it be for permanent, temporary or contract positions, results in a flexible and understanding approach to finding the right employment solution for you. We are always on the look out for high quality employers that are seeking to fill IT job vacancies with top IT talent and encourage you to give us a call to find out how we can support you with your IT job requirements.

At Speech Inspired we will continue to build on our reputation as a top IT recruitment provider by ensuring we maintain the standard of candidates and clients we work with so that both parties continue to be winners by using our recruitment services.


Always on the look out for high quality employers that are seeking to fill IT job vacancies with top IT talent.