The correct process of switching jobs


Due to the volatility of the job market, switching jobs is becoming more and more common particularly amongst millennials. It used to be that people would start and end their career with one company, but nowadays it is highly unlikely that someone will stay in their job for more than 3 years!

There are ways in which you can go about switching jobs that will make sure you maximise your time and get the most out of it, without having to burn any bridges between your soon-to-be former job!

Make sure you keep these tips in mind during the switching process:


Tip 1. Start thinking about what kind of job you'd like to switch to

Ensuring that this isn’t just a case of “the grass is greener on the other side” syndrome, make sure you have a long think about switching jobs. Ask yourself these questions and answer them in detail:

  • Why do I want to switch jobs?
  • What do I want to get out of my new job?
  • By when do I want to switch/quit/start my new job?

Be sure that you can answer these questions to help start your search for the ideal job!


Tip 2. Identify and speak to people who do what you think you'd like to do

However confident you are in the job that you want to go for, making sure that you are fully aware of what you can expect once you’re there is not a bad idea. Jobs are likely to always have their downsides, so making sure you are aware of the downsides of your new job and knowing how to deal with them will ultimately allow you to enjoy it more in the long run.


Tip 3. Stay at your job whilst looking for another job

This may depend on your current work situation, however, it is highly advised that you have a job waiting for you especially if you have financial responsibilities. This is to avoid unproductive time or getting stuck in an unemployment rut!

This may not apply in unhealthy job situations, by which case the next concern is to make sure you find an appropriate job for you that works with your ideal career. This can be aided by getting a part-time job to help with any responsibilities while you comfortably search for a new role.


Tip 4. Sort out all the personal documents you need to start applying to different jobs

There is nothing worse than feeling ready to go ahead with a job application and realising you forgot an important piece of paperwork! Making sure that you are fully prepared with the appropriate documentation will ensure a smooth application process and a greater chance in landing the position.


Tip 5. Get recruiters to help you

Once you know the direction you would like to go in, having a professional recruiter help you in the job hunt will allow you to save plenty of time and have expert guidance along the way. Recruiters will work during your work hours, meaning that your spare time can be spent reviewing job options that are suitable for you. Getting a recruiter is a cost-effective and time-saving way to access good jobs that you may otherwise not be available to find.


Need help during your job hunt?

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