Taking on the job hunt is a journey we all embark on at some point in our lives. Recruiters, in particular, make it our mission to recruit the best people into some amazing roles, so the job hunt really is second nature to us.

However, dealing with unemployment on your own can bring more challenges other than having to search for your next opportunity. Having been recruiting for a long time, and dealing with all types of candidates, we have found that there are some central challenges that people face during unemployment on top of looking for a job:

  • Upkeeping a structured day
  • Becoming complacent
  • Challenging yourself

Depending on how you handle unemployment, under what circumstances, and your own personality and ability to handle different feelings and situations, these problems may be on completely different scales for different people.

The issue with these challenges is that you may not always be prepared for them, and you don’t always know what issue you may have until it starts affecting your everyday life. For example, you may find it hard to maintain very structured days without having any responsibilities, or at least one that will set out your day, or at least part of it.

There are proven ways in which you can easily handle the issues that come with being unemployed. Here are the best bits of advice which have made a difference in our candidates time through dealing with unemployment:

Have a structure and upkeep responsibilities.

Having an unstructured day is one of the hardest hitting problems that unemployment encounters. Whatever structure you may have had in your education or former job, it will have been what you planned your everyday life around. Not having that structure may seem luxurious at the beginning, but can quickly become a trap. Having no structure means that you will not easily know what you may be spending your time on, how, and for what reason.

To help you through this, ensure that you have your day structured. It may be all of it, or part of it, but make sure that you are upkeeping set responsibilities. This may be as simple as getting up at the same time every morning, or doing some exercise every day at a set time.

It may feel as if it is not important to have this responsibility to yourself, and you may sometimes take the lazy way out - fair enough! You have to rest sometime. But this will differentiate the responsibilities from your leisure time. 

Don’t become complacent

When you find yourself out of work and with no structure to your day or week, you may become accustomed to enjoying your relaxation too much. There is a fine line between relaxing and becoming complacent, which you may not see being crossed when you are amidst an unstructured day.

Other than adding the daily tasks that will make sure you upkeep responsibilities in your everyday life, you may need to remind yourself each day, of what you may want to do next. Giving yourself reminders will allow you to keep this in mind, but make sure it is done in a way in which you are not bombarded and thus, you become stressed and overcompensate.

Work on your CV

A way in which you can keep your mind on the right track is doing work which will help you in the long run. This can be direct ways such as crafting a good CV for your desired job, and if you’re a bit stuck, we have some tips on how to craft the perfect CV.


This will give you a chance to update anything in your professional life onto your CV, which may even lead to an even better opportunity than before.

Reflect, improve, and conquer.

There is never a bad time for self development, and even less so when you have plenty of time to reflect, improve and conquer. This time you may be able to reflect on your skills, strengths, weaknesses, etc. and have the time to work on each of these accordingly.

If there is a skill that you have been wanting to learn, that is required to get you to that next step, or that you abandoned learning, it is the perfect time to pick it up! Not only will you be productive, it will also give you structure, and will show you as a worthwhile candidate.

Keep track of all of your efforts

Make sure you keep track of everything! It is likely that you will be asked of any gaps between work, so if you have a record of what things you got up to during this time, it will be simple to fill in your interviewer and how this helped you develop into a better candidate.

If you feel confident enough to overcome all of these as well as searching for your new role, you can go ahead and check our job listings. If you need more help, let us know. We have services for candidates that will ensure you end up in the perfect role for you.