Soft skills all employers look for

During the job hunt candidates can get caught up on impressing interviewers with their hard skills, but often forget that this is not what makes a well-rounded CV or personal statement! There are soft skills all employers look for, because even though candidates may be able to do their work perfectly there is the matter of the candidate as a whole and how they fit into the team. 

Finding the right balance between the hard and soft skills all employers look for will ensure that you come across as the ideal candidate, showing enough of your personality whilst also allowing your hard skills to shine through.

#1 Communication

Communication may be an obvious one to list on your CV or personal statement, but it is one of the top skills skill all employers look for. The process of a job application is even a test of your communication skills, showing how you communicate as a candidate from a written to a verbal level.

#2 Adaptability

Adaptability will show your interviewers how you can adapt to change. Whether its how you adapt to your new role or any sudden changes that occur within the role or the team. It will show your willingness to persevere in the face of change and how you may work under different conditions.

#3 Logical thinking

Logical thinking might be another obvious one to list on your CV, but by displaying logical thinking you can show the skills within it, such as problem-solving, that makes you a good candidate. By letting employers know that you have a logical brain it will allow them to see you as a good as well as a good candidate under pressure!

#4 Teamwork

Whilst all of these skills are a must, teamwork puts together all of these soft skills to make sure you are a functional part of the team. Communication, adaptability, time management and logical thinking will allow your team to see you as a reliable and valuable team member.

Need help with your job hunt?

These are only some of the soft skills all employers look for, you may be able to add more by looking at your personal strengths and soft skills by conducting a personal SWOT assessment. Make sure you contact us if you need any help during your job hunt journey!