As IT recruiters, we can say that we know the tips, necessities, and what it takes to get you into an IT job and an IT career. But helping you along with your professional development is also a key aspect of what we do.

Getting that work-life balance can be difficult when you’re starting a new IT job. Your personal life can suffer when you’re really trying to settle in. But you can really say that Speech Inspired has all the answers, as we are here to help you get that work-life balance all in check. Leon Jackson, IT recruiter and founder of Speech Inspired, has the best advice for those who are struggling to manage their time, whether in an IT job or simply a busy job!

The time management matrix


The time management matrix, first created by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, popularised by Steven Covey’s book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” is a chart aimed at helping you manage your time effectively.

Leon uses the time management matrix and applies it to everyday life. As an IT recruiter and business director, he knows first-hand how busy life can get, but is not exempt to the pitfalls of 21st century, or as everyone knows it: the trap of phones social media. This is only one amongst many distractions that can get in the way of managing your time effectively. You can learn more about effectively managing your time from the Speech Inspired YouTube channel.


What the time management matrix teaches us

Find out where you are wasting time

To become successful in an IT job, becoming aware of where you are spending the most time ineffectively is the first step in managing your time. Sometimes you may not realise what was wasted time before you, well, waste it.

Take time out of your day to assess your tasks, use the time management matrix to help you prioritise, plan and understand which tasks are urgent and important, important but not urgent, not important but urgent, and not urgent and not important. Leon talks about what kind of tasks comprise these sections, which can be helpful when thinking about your IT career.

In an IT job, being effective in managing your tasks is essential. As someone who is highly effective with their time, you are more likely to reduce stress, produce better work, and meet deadlines quicker and easier. Even though the benefits of IT jobs (link back to post) can give you a certain amount of freedom, it also means that your time management should be on point.

Plan your next steps

Planning is the ultimate way to become effective in your time. When was the last time you check something off your to-do list? That’s a feeling we can all appreciate.

Planning is the way in which we internalise our goals and keep track of them. Setting a path of how, when, and why you are achieving these goals will allow you to keep track of your tasks, as well as fully understand them, and find the most effective ways to execute them.

Leon, as an IT recruiter, suggests that the time management matrix will allow you to prioritise your tasks. It can further be a source of getting to know the way in which you think and work, being beneficial to your professional development.

Don't neglect resting and relaxation time

An IT job and IT career can be demanding of time. However, taking time for yourself is one of the most important aspects of time management. After all, tying to work effectively and giving yourself no resting or relaxation time, do not go hand in hand.

You can find out how you can use the time management matrix grid to manage your own time. Leon, IT recruiter and founder off Speech Inspired, can offer advice on how you can prioritise your tasks. You can also find out more advice on how to become the ideal candidate for an IT job on the Speech Inpisred YouTube Channel.


As IT recruiters, we understand that settling into an IT job and an IT career can be a stressful time. Speech Inspired get involved in helping our candidates understand their role and guide them through a process of orientation, in that, enhancing their time management skills in order to bring them the best experience from their IT job.

Speech Inspired can help you find the perfect IT job for you, search the many opportunities on our job listings.