Being IT recruiters, we have an extensive range of tips, insights, and first-hand experiences that we want to share with those going into their first IT job or looking to build a career in IT. The Speech Inspired YouTube Channel has been created to become a hub of information that is a must-see for those looking to build a career in IT, those seeking their first employment, or for those that need a bit of a refresher. 

You will get insight into what we have learnt during our time in the world of IT recruitment. Of which includes; habits, time management interview techniques, SWOT analysis, and how to put these into action so that you can succeed in your IT career.  These videos all present our continuously growing knowledge of the IT recruitment industry in interesting and digestible video clips. 


Habits - Advice on becoming a productive and proactive worker


Leon knows first-hand that successfully balancing work and personal life can result in a very busy lifestyle. Influenced by Stephen R Covey’s writing in his book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, Leon discusses the 7 habits that can lead to a positive change in your productivity levels including being proactive, prioritising and synergising.





Time management - how to effectively manage your work-life balance


Following on from the videos focused on habits, inspired by “The 7 habits of highly Effective People”, Leon uncovers how you can manage your time in order to achieve the ideal work-life balance. This focuses on the time management matrix that allows you to track your time and prioritise tasks.





Interview Tips for your IT job interview


As IT recruiters, we know exactly what employers are looking for in candidates for their IT job roles. You will gain information on interview objections, closing the interview, what questions to ask your possible future employer, and how to handle yourself in a job interview as well as outside of the interview, in order to get the role.

We help in preparing our candidates for the interview process of an IT job, as well as how to boost their profile as talented IT candidates to make them stand out to their ideal employer. 




SWOT Analysis - Finding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats


As IT recruiters, we want you to be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and be able to identify your opportunities and threats. Leon offers advice on how to find these, and how to put them as your advantage.




Leon and the team at Speech Inspired IT recruitment hope that our YouTube channelcan help you understand how to boost your profile as a talented IT candidate to make you stand out as an ideal employee for your dream IT job.


The IT recruitment team at Speech Inspired will help you delve into your IT career and match you with the perfect IT job. Just let us know when you’re ready! We will be here from beginning to end.