One of the most important aspects of recruitment is making sure that all of our clients and workers are happy, and stay happy in their place of work. As recruiters, and specialist recruiters, we have the skills and ability to make sure that we can make workplace conflict all the least likely.

However, even as recruiters, we can’t fully predict every challenge you may face. As having been part of the working world, as recruiters as well as workers, we know that workplace conflict may not be completely unavoidable at times. As each employee possesses a set of different characteristics, ideals, and beliefs that may different to that of their co-workers. These personal differences can sometimes cause conflicts.

The most vital tip to ensuring no workplace conflict occurs, is acknowledging and appreciating the diversity of your team, whilst being respectful of their views. However if conflict does arise, make sure you follow these steps to minimise damage, and repair relationships.

6 tips from recruiters on how to take on workplace conflicts

1. tackle the issue after both parties are clear headed.

A clear head can make sure that both parties are able to discuss clearly and openly the issues at hand. At risk of being unprofessional, it is best to ensure that there are no feelings of anger when something is being discussed.

2. try to have a positive outlook

Trying to have a positive outlook will not only make sure that your team can look at the situation positively, but also that they can move on from it. Going into a situation with a negative outlook may cause a reaction that you are trying to avoid.

A positive outlook and an understanding mindset will allow you to see the issue from the other person’s perspective and will allow you to be introspective.

3. Actively listen to your peers

Actively listening at all times, even at times when there is no conflict, is key to making sure you have stronger relationships with your co-workers and in effect, becoming a well oiled machine.

Many people listen to respond, rather than to listen. Actively listening will allow you to practice understanding and listening, which will additionally make sure that you know exactly what is being discussed, and keeping the focus on the issue rather than escalating the problem.

4. ask for a solution

Sometime issues can be solved as easy as they arise. It may be a matter of communication, and knowing what ways you can sort out the issue at hand. Simply asking for a solution from your co-worker or your team will show that you are willing to see things from their perspective, as well as showing compromise, and the desire to move on from the issue. Similarly, making sure that your solutions are heard as well in order to have a balance opinion to come to a conclusion that’s best for everyone.

5. Self reflect

Taking responsibility and acknowledging your role in the problem is important not only for the team, but for your own personal development. Acknowledging your weaknesses and mistakes will make sure that you become a better team player, and a better person.

6. Take action

Not all conflicts may be resolves in an informal manner. Normally, a meeting, or a staff meeting may be enough. Calling a staff meeting may be useful in a way that it will allow the focus to be taken of an individual and a personality, and be taken as a wider issue that may affect others as well.

If this is not the case, for example if there is a serious workplace issue such as harassment or bullying, this needs to be documented so that a formal process can begin. In any case, workplace conflict will always have a solution. Proper laws and regulations are always set in order to protect you from any conflict which may escalate.

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